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Public Pools

Next to swimming in the Rhine the modern infrastructure of the Basel public pools offers ideal conditions for recreation, sports and an active leisure time. There are programmes for all ages and interests with animation, offered courses and organised events.

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The good water quality of the River Rhine enables swimmers to dive in during good weather, which hundreds of water aficionados do every day during the hot summer. Up to 3000 swimmers take part in the "Rheinschwimmen" every August. The Rhine is considered the biggest spa of the region. People who would like to swim in the Rhine without swimming in open water can use the two public Rhine baths:

- Rheinbad Breite, St. Alban-Rheinweg 195, 4052 Basel, Telefon 061 311 25 75
- Rheinbad St. Johann, St. Johanns-Rheinweg, 4056 Basel, Telefon 061 322 04 42

Indoor pools
The indoor pool Rialto offers various facilities such as a learning pool, a full size swimming pool with diving boards, a fitness, wellness and fun area with a jacuzzi, a gym, sauna, tanning beds, table tennis and a sun deck.

Furthermore, the indoor pool of the Wasserstelzen school in Riehen is open to public on Tuesday and Friday evenings.

- Hallenbad Rialto, Birsigstr. 45, 4054 Basel, Telefon 061 281 91 42
- Hallenbad des Wasserstelzen Schulhauses, Wasserstelzenweg 14, 4125 Riehen, Telefon 061 606 92 38

Outdoor pools
There is a comprehensive choice of sites offering summer swimming pleasure in Basel from mid-May to mid-September. Next to the generously designed pool areas there are various facilities and activities regarding fun, fitness and health for people of all ages. However, the big, park like grounds also permit some quiet and recreative moments of idleness.

- Gartenbad St. Jakob, St. Jakobs-Str. 400, 4052 Basel, Telefon 061 311 41 44
- Gartenbad Bachgraben, Belforterstr. 135, 4055 Basel, Telefon 061 267 47 70
- Gartenbad und Kunsteisbahn Eglisee, Egliseestr. 85, 4058 Basel, Telefon 061 681 53 00

Bath and laundry
The Isteiner Bad, the last existing public bath and laundry in Basel, has been established in 1974. The comprehensive facilities include a Finnish and an organic sauna, tanning beds, a massage salon, five tubs and showers each as well as 13 washing machines.

In old time the public baths and laundries were an important fixture regarding social and health politics. The sanitary installations necessary for body hygiene were only sparsely found in apartments or missing entirely until the middle of the last century. It was up to the city administration to meet the sanitary basic needs of the population. The baths and laundries have now lost their meaning as neighbourhood meeting places. The present offer of the Isteiner Bad consists of an attractive relaxing programme and convenient services at affordable prices.

- Isteiner Bad, Isteinerstr. 76, 4058 Basel, Telefon 061 691 26 88

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