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Jewish Community of Basel

Approximately 1600 members live in Basel and its environs, making this the second-largest Jewish community in Switzerland. In 1972 the Jewish Community of Basel ("Israelitische Gemeinde Basel" - IGB) was the first in Switzerland to be recognised as a statutory corporation.

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The earliest Jewish settlements in Basel date back to the 12th century. The first synagogue was located at Rindermarkt, the present Unteren Rebgasse. The present-day Jewish Community of Basel was founded in the year 1805. Since then community membership has grown from 70 to the current approximately 1600 individuals in Basel and its environs. In 1972 a referendum granted the Jewish Community in Basel recognition as a statutory corporation. Today the synagogue is located at Leimenstrasse 24 in Basel.

In addition to sixteen commissions and an arbitration tribunal, the Jewish Community of Basel runs the Synagogue with daily religious services, a religious school, a kindergarten, a primary school, a library, a restaurant, a number of youth organisations, sport clubs as well as many social institutions. Some of these organisations are directly connected to the community, while others are closely affiliated independent associations. Basel furthermore has the Jewish Museum of Switzerland ("Jüdische Museum der Schweiz"), which exhibits a valuable collection of Jewish cultural artefacts.

As a unitary community, the IGB's members include Jews of all religious outlooks.

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